• Overview

    Running for the first time in 2017, the Capital Mobilisation Challenge (Challenge) is presented to you by Unkapt in collaboration with Pennam Partners. The aim of the Challenge is to address SME financial inclusion in South East Asia by improving the investment readiness level of SMEs while mobilising investors.

    The Challenge is a competition for South East Asian SMEs who are seeking to raise debt capital in the near future but need assistance in developing their funding business case, better understand the requirements of private debt and making their pitch more investment friendly.

    At the end of the Challenge process, successful SMEs will be able to showcase their investment offer via the Unkapt private debt placement platform with a view to facilitate introduction to potential private debt investors.

  • Challenge eligibility criteria

    An applicant will need to meet the following criteria* to be eligible to apply for the Capital Mobilisation Challenge:

    • The applicant is a legally registered small or medium enterprise;
    • The applicant is a for-profit private sector operator;
    • The applicant is incorporated and operates in Cambodia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Philippines or Vietnam ("Target Countries");
    • The applicant contributes towards selected sustainable development* in at least one of the Target Countries;
    • The applicant is looking at raising debt capital in the near future (refer to the information pack);
    • The applicant is not directly or indirectly owned by any form of government entity; and
    • The applicant is not a start-up.

    *Further details on the Challenge can be found in the information pack and the application package.
  • Why apply for the Challenge?

    Successful applicants will stand the chance to receive up to USD 50,000 worth in awards*. The benefits of participating in the Challenge are:

    • Up to 10 shortlisted applicants will get the opportunity to attend and participate in a complimentary investment readiness bootcamp: “Demystifying Private Debt”. Participation in the bootcamp is mandatory. Failure to attend the bootcamp event may disqualify the shortlisted applicant from the Challenge. The bootcamp details, including delivery medium, dates and times, will be confirmed at a later stage.

    • Post the investment readiness bootcamp, a selection of the shortlisted applicants may receive:
    ◦ A technical assistance grant of up to USD 10,000 per successful applicant;
    ◦ In-kind advisory support in relation to their debt investment offer and listing of same on Unkapt; and/or
    ◦ Complimentary access to the Unkapt platform (by way of application fee waiver).

    • Opportunity to pitch their debt capital raising offer to prospective investors.

    *Allocation of awards is subject to multiple assessments and the associated terms and conditions of the Challenge.

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The Challenge is open to the 5 following countries in South East Asia
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